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3D and 4D Super Scalp Wig, Which Type Is A Better Choice?

In today's increasingly modern and fashion-forward society, personal care and beauty treatments have gone far beyond traditional methods. Among the latest trends is the use of scalp-integrated hair systems. Not only are scalp-integrated hair systems a great solution for those experiencing hair loss or thinning, they are also a top choice for those who simply want to switch up their look or express their individuality through their hairstyle.

Wina's 3D and 4D Super Scalp Wigs
Wina's 3D and 4D Super Scalp Wigs

What is a Super Scalp Wig?

When viewed with the naked eye, it is very difficult and almost impossible for people to distinguish between the super scalp and the real scalp, because its authenticity is almost perfect. There are currently two popular types of super scalp on the market: 3D and 4D scalp. You can see and compare them through the following images.

3D (Left) and 4D (Right) Super Scalp Comparison
3D (Left) and 4D (Right) Super Scalp Comparison

When you take a closer look, you will notice a clear difference in the hairline and part. But when worn on the head, both types of skin give a natural look, which is why both 3D and 4D skin are very common and chosen by many customers at Wina Wigs.

Characteristics of the two super scalp wigs

After differentiating by the naked eye, in this section, Wina will help you better understand the characteristics of these two types of skin.

1. 3D Scalp

You can imagine this is a net made up of many small holes that are close together. When the artisans make the hair, they will hook each hair through these holes. Therefore, you can clearly see the knotting part at the hairline is tied on this scalp.

Wina's 3D Super Scalp Wigs
Wina's 3D Super Scalp Wigs


  • The most voluminous of all types of scalp without large pieces of skin or many hair hooks.

  • Suitable for hairstyles with no bangs in the front or 2 bangs.

  • The hair parting is less natural than 4D scalp.

  • The price of 3D scalp is cheaper than 4D scalp.

For the super 3D scalp hairpieces, the artisans will only hook the hair on the scalp once, then create the style. Therefore, the effort they put is less, so the cost is lower than 4D scalp.

2. 4D Scalp

4D hyper-realistic wigs have 2 layers of mesh. Because the artisans have to hook the hair on the 4D scalp after hooking the hair on the 3D scalp, which aims to cover the hairline. Therefore, when looking at the hair parting of the 4D scalp, you will not be able to see the connection between the hair and the scalp as in the 3D scalp hairpieces.

Wina's 4D Super Scalp Wigs
Wina's 4D Super Scalp Wigs


  • Less fluffy than 3D, a dryer is required to create the volume; or a wig cap with a large leather piece and many hair hooks is used to create natural volume.

  • Suitable for hairstyles with front bangs such as thin bangs, side bangs, etc.

  • The most natural part line among the leather types, completely covering the hair knot.

  • More aesthetically pleasing than 3D leather.

  • 4D super leather is more expensive.

As the craftsmen have to crochet the hair twice, this requires skilled and professional workers, and more effort is required, so the cost of the product will definitely be higher than 3D leather.

3. Combination of 3D and 4D scalp

Wina has a detailed video introducing this product, please watch it right after this!

When to choose 3D or 4D super leather wig?

The type of leather to use depends on individual needs and preferences. Watch the following video to make it easier to choose the type of leather that is most satisfactory and suitable!

Each person will have different conditions of thin hair or baldness, so the demand for wigs will also be different. Through this article, Wina hopes that you have obtained the necessary information about the most popular types of super leather wigs available. If you want more detailed advice, do not hesitate to contact Wina Wigs immediately, Wina's team of consultants will help you choose the most suitable super leather wig.

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